Winter season feels a long ways off. However there are some things you need to do now to start getting ready for it.

After You can find out more all, would you rather do a couple of things now Informative post or be stuck calling a heating repair company on a cold night?


To assist you out, we’ve assembled a list of 6 things you can do to prevent heating system repairs this winter season.

Open closed air vents

Contrary to popular recommendations, it is not a great idea to close vents in unused spaces. Instead of conserve energy, it can really make your heating and a/c less efficient and cause more problems.


Change that air filter (and keep doing it all winter).

We offer this advice a lot because it’s incredibly crucial, but likewise since lots of house owners still do not do it frequently. If you have a basic fiberglass filter, you must be changing it a minimum of once a month.


Examine the thermostat battery.

We periodically get frenzied calls from house owners who do not have heat. Once we appear to their houses, we find out it’s a basic thermostat battery issue they could have resolved.


Thermostat batteries last 3-4 years. So if it’s been longer, or you’re not exactly sure when they were altered last, now could be a good time to do it to prevent problems this winter.

Know how to use your thermostat.


Often we get calls that the furnace just will not shut off or that it’s blowing however the air isn’t hot. However there might be no problem at all. The offender may be that the thermostat fan setting is set to “on.”.

That’s why it’s important for you to discover how to utilize your thermostat. Here’s the difference between that “on” and “car” gan setting:.


On— The fan is always running. Even if the furnace isn’t heating at the moment, the fan will still be blowing air through your vents.

Car— The furnace fan just turns on when your heater is warming the air. When the heating system shuts down, so does the fan.


Turn it on now.

Your heating system hasn’t been on in months. A fantastic method to make sure that it’s running correctly is to turn it on now (or very soon) to test it out. That way, if you do have an issue, you can identify it now before winter arrives.


Schedule your annual upkeep go to.

It’s finest to call and arrange your annual heating tune up Additional resources now. You’re more likely to get the time and date that works finest for you. It might assist to prevent furnace breakdowns this Bulldog Heating & Cooling winter.

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